First Posted: 4/28/2011

Lima Councilman Jesse Lowe II has filed a lawsuit against the city to keep Fire Station No. 5 open. Monday night at the Lima City Council meeting, Lowe said he took this action because he is representing the people in the 3rd Ward. I agree Lowe should represent the people in his ward, but he is to represent them within the parameters of the charter and ordinances that are set forth to govern Lima. Monday night also at the meeting, Lowe put forth a motion for a resolution aganist the closing of Fire Station No. 5, which was seconded by Derry Glenn. When this was voted on by City Council, it was defeated by a 7-2 vote.Lowe and Glenn should refresh themselves with the ordinances and the city charter so they can truly represent their wards and not just attempt to represent themselves or make a name for themselves. Each council member took an oath to uphold the laws of the city of Lima.

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