Letter: Postal delays causing problems for village

First Posted: 2/20/2011

the Dunkirk Board of Public Affairs would like to voice its concerns with the new distribution of its mail through the Toledo location. It was said that mailing practices would not have to change with the closing of the Lima location, but this village is seeing many problems arising from this change. Currently, the Board of Public Affairs noted most all of the stubs returned with utility payments had USPS stickers with the following markings:Unable to forward/for review.No forwarding order on file.Return to postmaster of original addressee for review.This redirection of utility bills caused many bills to get to the intended customer very close to, and even after, the due date of the bills. While the Board of Public Affairs will allow for those delays and adjust the penalties, it is time and corrections caused by The toledo Postal Service distribution center.Secondly, the standard 30-day billing cycle is no longer working as there is not enough time for a bill to arrive and payment to be received within that time period. Village taxpayers essentially are being assessed late fees because of the newly occuring delays. Does the U.S. Postal Service intend to reimburse those fees when Postal Service delays are the cause of the fees being assessed?These issues were never a problem prior to the closing of the Lima distribution location, known as the most efficiently run distribution center in Ohio. How can the Postal Service justify its decision when business practices in place for more than 50 years no longer work because of the closing of the Lima location?Phyllis J. Spencer is fiscal officer for the village of Dunkirk, in northwestern Hardin County.

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