Letter: Answers supplied on pet shelter’s mission

First Posted: 8/16/2011

I want to thank the many volunteers, staff members, board members and community members who came to the Humane Society of Allen County's open house on Saturday. The countless hours that were put into planning the event is appreciated.Twelve shelter pets received homes during the open house. These pets I'm sure will enjoy their new homes and we wish them and their families the bestDuring the open house the staff and board members gave tours and answered a lot of questions, many relating to the most recent decision to move away from the No-Kill Policy. Rest assured that the move will be better for the shelter animals and for the community. The board has adopted a No Suffering policy, where animals will only be euthanized for severe medical reasons, severe temperament, and quality of life. No animal will be put down based on space or breed.The Humane Society of Allen County is dedicated to this community and the elimination of cruelty, abuse, neglect and abandonment of animals. I feel that everyone who visited the shelter on Saturday has a better understanding of what the HSOAC has to offer to this community and our goals for the future.Michael W. Ley is board president of the Humane Society of Allen County.

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