Letter: Elida Road costing more than being said

First Posted: 11/20/2011

Did the Ohio Department of Transportation count all the costs of the Elida Road project?Given the transport of gravel, asphalt and concrete between the suppliers and the Elida Road project, driving down North Street has become like driving across a plowed field. All of the excessive weight and increased burden on North Street by all of these transporting trucks will result in North Street having to be extensively repaired when it was just updated recently.Was this expense allowed for and considered in the already-exorbitant amount of money spent on the Elida Road project? Probably not.While making a trip from the east side of town to the west side and back recently, I saw at least 10 of these trucks. While I understand this is the only viable route of transport, the resulting cost and need for repairs nonetheless will be necessary.

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