Akron Beacon Journal: Proper penalty on Ohio State

First Posted: 12/26/2011

The athletic department at Ohio State University thought it had punished itself enough. Apparently, the NCAA didn't think so. It barred the mighty football program from appearing in a bowl game for the 2012 postseason. It subtracted additional scholarships, and, tellingly, put Jim Tressel, the former head coach, in something of a holding room, dimming his prospects for leading a college team during the next five years.Actually, the added punishment rates as appropriate. Recall that Tressel failed for months to share what he had learned about players taking cash and getting tattoos in exchange for jerseys and other memorabilia. The team went on its merry way to the Sugar Bowl last January.Think the NCAA wouldn't take back that bowl game, knowing that if Tressel had been forthcoming, the players likely would have been booted from the team, that bowl appearance vanishing?The NCAA cited the school for failure to monitor, a deserving blow in view of what happened this past fall. The school touted taking action on its own to address its problems, notably, Tressel exiting in May and casting aside five scholarships. Yet, then, three players were suspended for taking cash from a booster. Word also arrived that players were paid too much for summer jobs.If anything, players deserve some legitimate stipend for their play. For Ohio State, there may be comfort in not being the worst offender. Still, the university now must deliver the vigilance necessary to run and sustain a clean program.

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