Tell Me About It: Kickin’ class

First Posted: 9/4/2011

1. So you're putting together a kickball tournament. For starters, give us the details.Well, it's starting at noon [today] at the diamonds in the bowl of Faurot Park, behind the Bradfield Center. We're hoping to have 10 teams of 15 people. Doesn't cost anything to play, and the winning team gets T-shirts donated by Lima Sporting Goods and a trophy from The Trophy Center.2. So what made you think of holding a kickball tournament?The concept for kickball spun off the heals of the Star Spangled Spectacular. I got a kickball team together and so many of my friends wanted to be on the team I couldn't get them all in. We had a good time and I just started thinking this was something we could do that might get people together.3. Why kickball?Used to be, when we were kids, you could just grab any kid and go out and play kickball. It doesn't require any real athletic skill, it's just get out there and have fun. That's why I decided to do kickball. It's just fun.4. So who do want to see come out?Everybody. This is to encourage interaction among the entire city of Lima, people who maybe wouldn't normally socialize with each other. There's this perception that you live on that side of town, I live on this side, we don't socialize. I'm trying to tear down the walls of perception, to get those people to get together with those people.5. We tend to segregate ourselves in this community. We don't worship together. We don't go to the same clubs. Why do you think we'll be willing to play together?Everybody just wants to have fun, to just let their hair down. We are too territorial. We look at it like this is my side of town, that's your side. We need to look at it like this is all the city of Lima. It's not about anybody's side. Maybe this will let people do that.6. So far you have a pretty diverse group signed up. Who do you have?We've got the Lima Police, the YMCA, Lima City Schools. I've got a motorcycle club, a barbershop, some semiprofessional basketball players. It's a mix of people from all over town.7. If this works out, will you try it again. Definitely. Definitely. I'm hoping it works out. If it does, we'll do it again.

  1. Tell Me About It: Kickin’ class
  2. Tell Me About It: Kickin’ class
  3. Tell Me About It: Kickin’ class

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