Letter: Father’s patriotism makes son proud

First Posted: 6/6/2011

While driving, I saw my father (Ward Fouquet) turn into Woodlawn Cemetery. I had no idea why. He is not from here and he doesn't know anyone who has died here. I didn't follow him in, and I just went home. Later that day when I met up with him, I noticed he had dirt under his fingernails and I decided to ask him why he went to the graveyard. My father (the patriotic Marine) went there with a bag full of mini-American flags and he stuck a flag at every grave of a fallen soldier that did not have a flag. Then, after he put all of these flags out, he found a bunch of smaller, flat graves with military emblems where the land had started taking over and cleared the top off with his hands. He told no one where he was going and did not ask for any gratitude but, though he is a soldier himself, he feels that he owes our fallen soldiers. This is patriotism at its best and most purest form. I am honored to be his son. We could learn a lot from people like him. God bless America.

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