Police calls

First Posted: 1/21/2015

600 block of North Jefferson Street, Lima — A man called the Lima Police Department on Tuesday to report harassment from his boss. After the man called in sick, he reported that his boss became angry and threatened to beat his face in with a hammer and break his legs.

900 block of East Second Street, Lima — Officers responded to a man and woman who got into a physical argument with each other Tuesday. Officers could not determine a primary physical aggressor.

800 block of West Wayne Street, Lima — A woman said she was a victim of “chronic burglary,” according to an LPD police report Tuesday. Seven burglaries have been attempted and of those four, seven have been successful. The unknown person pried open a boarded window and stole items inside.

500 block of North Elizabeth Street, Lima — A woman reported a breaking and entering Tuesday that occurred while she was incarcerated at the Allen County Jail.

1200 block of Knollwood Drive, Lima — Officers responded to a report of assault Tuesday.

1000 block of West Wayne, Lima — Officers responded to a report of breaking and entering Tuesday. A neighbor told police that a tall black man knocked on his door Tuesday morning stating he was cold and wanted to come inside. The neighbor did not let him in.

200 block of North Union Street, Lima — A woman said items were taken from her vehicle in a parking lot Tuesday.

900 block of West Market Street, Lima — Officers were called to an apartment complex Tuesday in reference to a domestic violence report. The woman reported that she recently broke up with her boyfriend, who is the father of her child, and he became angry and violent about the situation. He physically assaulted her and was taken into custody.

730 W. Market St., Lima — Officers were dispatched to St. Rita’s Medical Center Tuesday in reference to an assault. A man reported that he was struck by an unknown object to the back of the head while walking on Seventh Street in Lima near Central Avenue. There were no suspects.

300 block of North Collett Street, Lima — Officers responded to a possible overdose situation Tuesday. Officers identified an unresponsive man on the kitchen floor of the residence. Officers noticed visible markings on his inner arm and elbow area that were consistent with drug abuse. Lima Fire Department personnel took the man to St. Rita’s Medical Center’s Emergency Room where he was treated for a drug overdose.

1 Spartan Way, Lima — LPD officers were made aware of several Twitter accounts made by students of Lima Senior High School on Wednesday. The students were publicly using names of other students to harass them.

2700 block of St. Johns Road, Lima — A woman went to the LPD Wednesday to report sexual harassment against her employer.

1500 block of Patricia Drive, Lima — Allen County Sheriff’s Officers responded to a report of an ungovernable child who put tablets of melatonin into several of the victim’s drinks Saturday.

4700 block of Allentown Road, Lima — A woman reported to the Allen County Sheriff’s Office that someone had shot out her window with a BB gun Monday.

1001 Bowman Road, Lima — A man reported to the ACSO that someone had cut the padlock off the gate at Lima Sheet Metal some time between Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

People charged with misdemeanor offenses are not identified in this column, but are identified through published court dispositions. This column is only a sample of available reports.

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