Packers’ loss brings back bad Browns memories

First Posted: 1/21/2015

Browns fans, be honest here.

When you saw the end of the NFC Championship game Sunday night, with the Packers somehow losing to the Seahawks in overtime, did it remind you of your favorite team?

Well, it certainly did for me, and for other Browns fans I have talked with, as well.

Bad memories too, but for some reason Cleveland pro sports fans are able to relate with other teams’ misfortunes, and translate them, into one of their personal experiences of doom and despair.

How did Green Bay lose to Seattle?

The Packers dominated the game from the beginning.

There are many that thought Green Bay lost the game early, when the Packers settled for field goals, as opposed to touchdowns, versus the Seahawks.

I put it directly on the Packers with about five minutes remaining in the game, when they were up 19-7 and intercepted a pass thrown by Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson.

Instead of running with the football, the player who intercepted it, went down.

What was he thinking?

What were the Packers thinking?

He could have gained several yards, if not scored a game-clinching touchdown.

Then the Packers, for some reason, played not to lose the game, instead of trying to win it.

And you know what happens to teams that play that way — well most of the time — they lose.

Green Bay has the best quarterback in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers.

Trust him to make good decisions in trying to get a first down, or get your team in position to score again.

Instead, you run the football three consecutive times, and punt the football away.

You put the game in the hands of your defense — a defense that had played “over their heads” for the previous 55 minutes?

I mean, wasn’t Russell Wilson and the Seattle offense due to put together a good drive after an unbelievable five turnovers?

And sure enough, the Seahawks were able to get a touchdown to inch closer.

And then, amazingly, are able to recover an onside kick, to keep the football.

Seattle would score another touchdown, and then complete a “Hail Mary” 2-point conversion try, to give the Seahawks a three-point lead.

Yes, Green Bay would tie the game at the end of regulation, but you sensed that the Seahawks had this game in the bag.

And they did!

Credit the Seahawks in the overtime — instead of playing for a field goal — they completed a long pass and got the game winning touchdown to finish an improbable comeback.

Did the Seahawks win the game or did Green Bay lose it?

I think I just pointed out that both teams contributed.

But I don’t remember the Browns being the Seahawks.

I remember the Browns being the Packers on Sunday.

Feel sorry for Packers fans?

No way.

I live that feeling daily while rooting for my teams.



• Got to see my first Lima Express pro basketball game of the season this past Sunday. Hey, I was impressed. Despite losing the game, the Express played hard and battled to the end. And they were competitive, even though their best player Cordaryl Ballard missed the game because of an injury. Head coach Mark Anderson dresses the part, and has his players’ attention throughout the game.

We are lucky to have the Express in our town. Support it!

Their next home game is 3 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 8, at Lima Central Catholic High School against Racine.

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