Best place to get a speeding ticket

First Posted: 7/24/2011

1. Breese Road, Fort ShawneeYou just pulled off Interstate 75 and you're eager to get home. A word of advice: drive slowly. The Fort Shawnee police have met many an acquaintance between I-75 and Shawnee Road.2. Robb Avenue, LimaRobb Avenue is a nice four-lane road from Elida Road to St. Gerard. It's also a prime spot to say hello to your favorite law enforcement agency. Keep the speed down. The fraternal clubs on this stretch of road bring extra patrols from police.3. Harding Highway, LimaYou've waited on a train at the railroad tracks near Lima Memorial Health System. Now you're waiting on stop lights before you get to I-75. Traffic is thick as you weave you're way past the fast-food joints and shopping areas. Finally, you've passed the fairgrounds and the pedal goes to the metal. You are about to pay the price for getting in a hurry. Those flashing lights behind you are coming from a squad car looking for a donation.

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