Letter: Drugs require right education at right time for young pupils

First Posted: 8/9/2011

I read police reports and court records in The Lima News. I know the economy is bad, but that's no reason to break the law. Many home invasions are committed not because the assailant was hungry, but to buy drugs. These crimes are the result of not teaching right from wrong at the correct time in a child's education. We are not able to give incarcerated people rehabilitation at their late age. The parents of some of the criminals might have grown up on drugs. These people need educated at an early age. Schools should have a short session on right from wrong in early grades of school every day and hit on the good subjects in life. I know this would take years to turn this around, but if no one buys a product soon it will not be on the market for sale. The same would be true with drugs.

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