Letter: Ottoville fans were behaving appropriately

First Posted: 2/8/2011

In a Jan. 30, letter, Peg Bridenbaugh attacked the Ottoville High School student section after a picture of them cheering at a Minster female basketball player was in the paper.The picture was at an awkward angle and, to the non-fan, it would appear they were bullying and grabbing at the female basketball player. Anyone who has watched a basketball game before knows they were simply imitating the Duke University fans in a cheer they do when an opposing player takes the ball out in their area. It is nothing but to distract the player while inbounding the ball.I would say the Ottoville student section is one of the more respectable ones around. They never chant any curse words or turn their backs when the other team is introduced. In fact, they usually try to have a good time and talk to some of the opposing players and referees before the games. They're kids. They like to have a good time.

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