Search for children in Grand Lake yields no results

First Posted: 1/19/2015

ST. MARYS — Officials called off the search for children who were believed to have fallen into Grand Lake on Monday.

The Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office said someone called Monday morning to report seeing children walking on the frozen surface of Grand Lake. After an investigation Monday, officials said responders found no evidence of children in the lake after searching since 9:20 a.m.

Capt. Dave Kramer of the St. Marys Fire Department said there were reportedly three children spotted near the lake. He believed parents in the area had accounted for their children.

The person who made the 911 call panicked after he or she did not see them after the children were spotted walking on the frozen lake.

“We had one person who said they had seen them and saw them come back, and we had another person who said he had seen them but did not see them come back,” Kramer said.

Assisting at the scene were St. Marys Fire Department, St. Marys EMS, Celina Fire Department, St. Marys Township Fire Department, Montezuma Fire Department and Grand Lake St. Marys State Park Rangers.

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