Just keep plowing

First Posted: 1/16/2015

1. How did you end up as the plow guy?

Basically, we’ve got four to five parking lots and we lease out 40 to 50 spots. When there’s snow, you’ve gotta get ‘er done before people start coming in to work.

2. Was there a learning curve to doing this?

Yes, there was. I can’t remember how many curbs and trees I hit in the beginning. It’s one of those things where you have to do it to really learn how. You have put the snow from point A to point B. Like anything, you want to do it in the most efficient, effective way possible. Part of the learning curve is to get a feel for the plow. The in-town parking lots, alley ways and sidewalks — that is all concrete and asphalt, so you don’t really have to worry about hurting a whole lot.

3. What equipment are you using?

It’s a Dodge Durango and it has got a Boss 6.5 foot blade on it. I got the truck off of Tommy Ahl and the blade off of — oh, I can’t remember the name. They went out of business a year or so back, but they were a local company.

4. How much do you have to clear off?

There are four main parking lots where we have lease spots. As far as in town, last winter was brutal. Just about every day was a plowing day. You try to get done especially before people start coming to work. For some businesses and restaurants, people start rolling in at 5:30, 6 a.m.

5. How early do you get started?

It depends on how much snow, but last winter, I was getting here at 4 or 5 a.m.

6. How long does it take to get things cleared off?

It depends on the actual amount of snow. I get the leased spots done first, and then I do the customer and employee parking spots for Quick as a Wink last since we open later. It probably takes a couple hours.

7. Are there other things you need to keep clear, like the sidewalks or anything?

There’s one or two businesses that are connected to us, so I always have done those lots also.

8. What’s the most challenging part of this?

Getting up in the morning — definitely the hardest part.

9. What’s the most enjoyable?

It’s one kind of, well, it’s enjoyable because it’s like here there’s no phones ringing. A lot of times I can’t even hear my cell phone over the sound of the plow. There’s not a whole lot of people asking questions. I’m in the plow truck and for the most part, it’s peaceful.

10. Your sister-in-law said you are kind of a driveway-clearing good Samaritan. Do you plow many people’s drives or parking lots?

Oh, you know, I live in the country, so whoever needs it, I’ll clear their driveway. Last winter, there was one big storm and nobody could get in the parking lot at WTLW. Everybody that does it commercially couldn’t come out. So, I ended up doing their parking lot twice last winter. I guess I could do it commercially, but there is the time element. I have a good crew but I wouldn’t want to leave them high and dry. So, I just plow for neighbors and if people need some help. My neighbors pay me in baked goods. They’ll bring me cookies or something, and that’s great. Really, it’s just what neighbors do — help each other out.

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