Step backward for offering help

First Posted: 1/16/2015

22 years ago I entered Addiction Services at St. Rita’s hospital in Lima. I was given the tools that it takes to achieve sobriety one day at a time. I have not had a drink or drug since that day. It saddens me to find out that Addiction Services no longer exist as I knew it.

From what I understand, the powers that be have decided that the only place for addiction treatment is on the Psychiatric floor…if they can find a way to get there.

People that are struggling with addiction may or may not have other psychiatric issues, but not always. Those of us that use the 12 step approach to recovery will remember from the Big Book of AA that before AA it was common for alcoholics to be sent to a mental institution . Is this the direction we are heading again?

If somebody could explain to me the reason for this decision I would appreciate it. But for today I am very grateful for my 22 years of sobriety because without it I wouldn’t have the amazing life I am living . St. Rita’s Addiction Services was the starting block I needed on that path of recovery.

— Kevin P. Bourk, Lima

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