Allen East sweeps it under rug?

First Posted: 1/14/2015

How is it OK for something so big to be made out so small?

Enough of this “boys will be boys.” At what point do these boys have to take responsibility for their actions? Doesn’t “no” mean “no,” regardless of gender? How many times does something have to happen before we bring attention to it? How serious does the the offense need to be?

I think it’s time someone speaks up and something is done. Saying is a lot different than doing.

Too many times the school says that they are taking actions that they are not. These kids deserve to be punished and the victims shouldn’t be afraid to go to school, to go to practice, to walk the halls. They shouldn’t have to wait for a coach to go to the locker room. The kids responsible shouldn’t be bragging about how they have a few days off of school, especially when one of the kids’ parents is a teacher, and not only a teacher, but involved in the anti-bullying program.

Something has got to give and something needs to be done.

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