Aire Serv to open HVAC location in Lima

First Posted: 1/15/2015

LIMA — Ralph Boroff wants to bring Lima residents something he feels they’re currently lacking: professional heating and air conditioning service.

“We decided we could bring something to Lima the other companies aren’t providing,” he said.

Boroff is starting a local location of national heating and cooling company Aire Serv with his son and daughter. He’s scouting out a location in the city now, and he plans to open his doors in March.

The company will offer installation, maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and indoor air quality systems, according to Aire Serv’s website.

“We thought we could bring more professionalism to Lima,” Boroff said. “We’re here to serve the Lima people and just let them know we’re bringing a whole different spectrum to the residential heating and air conditioning field.”

The company will offer a 12-month warranty program, where customers can get a new system for 12 months if they don’t like the one Aire Serv installed.

Boroff also plans to make professionalism a theme of the company, with several measures taken by all employees. He hopes to employ 10 people.

Trained techs will come to people’s homes, putting protective booties over their shoes before entering, and talk to customers about all their options.

A photo of the tech will be sent to the customer beforehand and each employee will wear a badge for identification.

They also won’t park in the driveway, out of courtesy for the customer, Boroff said.

Education and trust will be part of the customer-tech relationship, as Boroff hopes to “take the fear from the customer,” he said.

“We’ll bring a whole new respect to the field,” he said. “[So the customer] knows they’re getting a good bargain.”

Those interested in Aire Serv’s services in Lima can contact Boroff at 567-242-4345.

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