Berger comments are racist

First Posted: 1/12/2015

Dear Mayor David Berger, in The Lima News article “City Seeks Minority Employees” (Jan. 5) you state, “The demographic results presented by Mr. [Vince] Ozier at the last council meeting demonstrate we continue to be unsuccessful in attracting and hiring minority candidates.”

With this remark you are inciting racism and suggesting that available, qualified candidates are not available simply by the color of their skin. Racism, as you have made clear you support, has nothing to do with the qualification and ability of a public servant. The color of a persons’s skin does not qualify nor disqualify him or her to fulfill the the duties of a public servan.

I have been one, I know.

Rather the person’s heartfelt desire to serve, and sincerely support the community in which they live is and should be an opportunity of privilege and honor as I have myself felt this as I served the community in which I lived. It is not a job, rather it is an honor regardless of skin color.

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