Hypnotist opens business to help people

First Posted: 1/15/2015

LIMA — People need help.

That’s why Kevin Krouskop started Ohio Hypnosis Solutions in Lima, which had a ribbon cutting Thursday hosted by the Lima Allen County Chamber of Commerce.

Krouskop opened the business on the first of the year, after 25 years in sales and marketing, to help people.

“Life has become too fast, too stressful,” he said. “It’s hard to have a wonderful healthy and happy lifestyle without really putting great effort toward it.”

The office, located at 3077 W. Elm St., offers several programs to help people with any neurological issue they have.

“Anything that’s going on up here, we can work on,” Krouskop said, pointing to his head.

Programs include weight loss, stress relief, depression, deep relaxation, pain management, career achievement, sports performance and more.

“My desire, my hope is that through hypnosis neuro-linguistic programming that we can help people be happier and also healthier,” he said.

Krouskop’s office is a showplace of what he wants to help people achieve. It features sea shells, ocean paintings on the walls and a relaxed environment.

He first got interested in hypnosis through his father, who was a police detective and used it in his work occassionally, Krouskop said.

Then, he went on vacation to Las Vegas and saw “one of the best hypnotists” in the country, which inspired him to look into it more.

Now, at 45, he’s started his own business to help people through hypnosis.

“I really feel like this has been a true and legitimate culmination of everything I’ve done,” he said at the ribbon-cutting event. “I wanted to do something to truly help people.”

Call 419-221-1503 for a free screening that takes 30 to 45 minutes, he said.

Krouskop grew up in Spencerville and then moved to Ottoville, but he’s worked in Lima his entire life.

“I hope to provide the community with a source of education and personal change,” Krouskop said. “If people can live happier and healthier, we’ll have a better community as a whole.”

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