First Posted: 1/14/2015

As I write this, it is 14 days into the New Year and we do not know how our new state representative voted on several bills, or, if he even was sworn into office. This was a guy who was ready from day one? The stealthiness of this politician is deafening. We have not heard anything from TV, radio or the newspaper. Who would have thought we would get anything less than the previous state representative, who had such a dismal record for bringing jobs into Allen County.

What is Bob Cupp hiding? Age, health or capability? A professional politician, that he is, but there is one thing different now. I am “Mad As Hell And I Am Not Going To Take It Anymore”.

If you are waiting for him to outlaw abortion, he will not because he believes in abortion to save the life of the mother. If you are waiting for him to be an individual in making Ohio laws, he will not, because he has taken money and has been endorsed by a PAC called ALEC. If you are waiting for him to bring jobs to Allen County, don’t hold your breath. He did not spell this out in his campaign so it will not happen.

What are we going to do? Call him, write him, let him know you are mad as hell and you are not going to take it anymore. Bob Cupp was selected not elected, so more than likely, you will not get a response, unless you are a major donor.

— Bo Huenke, Elida

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