2015’s 911 calls off to fast start

First Posted: 1/13/2015

LIMA — It was a busy Saturday for Allen County 911 dispatchers.

At Tuesday’s Allen County 911 Governing Board meeting, Allen County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Managment Director Russ Decker and 911 coordinator Steve Harvey reported that from 6 to 8 a.m. Saturday, 185 calls were handled by 911 dispatchers, an average of just over two calls every three minutes. Most of these calls were in response to the isocracker explosion and subsequent fire at the Husky Lima Refinery, with the sound of the explosion heard throughout the county.

“I thought it was interesting how Steve pulled out that first two hours after the Husky explosion,” Decker said during the meeting. “Of course, they were for all PSAPs [Public Safety Answering Points] together.”

While this year has seen a quick surge in 911 activity, 2014 ended up being an average year for call volume, with 55,868 emergency calls placed in Allen County.

“It’s about 55,000 calls a year every year,” Decker said. “It’s stayed pretty consistent for the last seven or eight years, and it doesn’t change very much.”

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