OSU QB Jones considers options

First Posted: 1/13/2015

DALLAS — When Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones was asked after the Buckeyes’ win over Oregon on Monday night if he could go back to being a back-up quarterback next season, he said, “That’s an interesting question.”

It’s not the only interesting question about Jones.

He has been at Ohio State three years, so he could make himself eligible for this year’s NFL draft.

Could the former No. 3 quarterback, who has already made so many improbable leaps, make the most improbable of all and go pro after only three college starts?

Probably not. But Jones and OSU coach Urban Meyer both said at a Tuesday morning press conference that it’s a conversation they will have at some point in the future.

“It’s very odd, only starting three games in three years. Guys play their whole careers and have that build-up for the NFL. In my personal opinion I’m not ready for that level yet,” Jones said. “Like Coach Meyer said, that’s a conversation we’ll have down the road. Right now for me, it’s far out.”

Meyer said, “It’s kind of cool to be sitting here next to Cardale and using the word NFL with Cardale’s name.

“I will tell you this, he can play in the NFL, he has the talent. Is he ready right now? That’s a conversation we will have at some point. But we have not had that conversation yet.”

Some other day after the game thoughts from Meyer:

NO FAVORITES: This year’s national championship is Meyer’s third. He won in 2006 and 2008 at Florida.

He gave his take on how he looks at each one on Tuesday morning.

“2006 is probably the most special because that was the first one. The second one was a great team, a team that was the best team in America pretty much start to finish. This was a team that came out of nowhere. To start comparing one to another, though, that will never happen.”

PUMPING UP RECRUITING: Monday night’s win obviously should help recruiting, but it is only part of the picture, Meyer said.

“The doors open, you move to the front of the line but you really have to work,” he said.

BIG TEN BOOST: Ohio State’s win, along with some other Big Ten bowl wins this year, should help strengthen the Big Ten, he said.

“I think it’s huge. Football is cyclical. I still think top to bottom we have some work to do in our conference but it’s moving. I see a lot of aggressive approaches and a lot of aggressive recruiting and some really good stuff going on in our conference.”

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