First Posted: 4/6/2012

Concerning the shooting death of the young man in Florida:We, as common citizens, are not empowered to interrupt another person's liberty and freedom of movement just because we suspect that person. The law calls that kidnapping.You have no right to demand of a person his destination or reason for being in an area that is not your property.If you have a permit to carry a weapon, you are not given that permit to carry that weapon in an offensive mood. You were given the permit for defensive purposes only. How was the young man to know who this armed confronting person is?Once you take it upon yourself to interrupt and question a person's freedom of liberty, to travel upon public infrastructures you are in an offensive mood and you have opened the door to the many possibilities. If you are armed and things go bad, you are wrong and must be held responsible.You must allow for the possibility that you don't know the full details of that person's motives. And for sure the person you follow and stop to question is now alarmed because your actions have inflamed his fear.What about clearly marking a block watch vehicle with a sign and flag or even special plates? The young man had every right to defend himself against a person following him who then gets out of the car to approach him.

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