Letter; Republicans spend on pet programs

First Posted: 2/8/2012

Gov. John Kasich and the Legislature have delivered once again for Ohio farmers. They recently increased the Ag Link Deposit program by $40 million, letting farmers borrow up to $150,000 at low interest rates. Meanwhile, they cut local government funds, including $2 million to Lima. Forty million would restore funding to 20 cities Lima's size.Most farmers complain about the tax-and-spend government but are strongly silent about this $40 million dollar increase.The agriculture loan program has blown through $2.5 billion in 15 years benefitting only 40,000 farmers instead of the 800,000 people in Lima and the other nineteen similar size cities.Republicans have been busy changing the voting laws in Ohio to squelch the vote by changing early voting days allowed and cutting weekend hours. This isn't only unfair. It's blatantly un-American. One would expect this in Syria or Iran, not here.

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