Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

First Posted: 5/8/2012

ColumbusMay is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and the Ohio State Highway Patrol would like to remind motorists that there will be an increase in motorcycles on the roadways with the warmer weather and to remind motorcyclists to ride trained and to ride sober.As a rider, simple things such as ensuring you have a valid motorcycle endorsement, receiving quality motorcycle training, and wearing proper safety equipment can be key elements to staying safe.Of course, motorcycle safety is not solely the responsibility of motorcyclists. Motor vehicle drivers share in this important effort by being aware of motorcyclists. Some important steps to become more aware of motorcyclists:A motorcycle is a motor vehicle with all the privileges of any vehicle on the roadway.Give motorcyclists a full lane of travel.Look for motorcyclists on the highway, at intersections, and any time you are changing lanes.Allow plenty of space in front of the vehicle you are driving and do not follow a motorcycle too closely.

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