Marriages and divorces

First Posted: 1/9/2015


Daniel J. Whitacre, 26, Lima, and Amber D. Hinds, 32, Lima; Lawrence H. Nelson-Wallace, 27, Lima, and Katelyn S. Sherer, 23, Lima; Michael T. Stroud, 35, Lima, and Jennifer S. Stebleton, 25, Lima; Kaylen D. Sheley, 28, Lima, and Amanda M. Faler, 25, Lima; Brian E. Conrad, 34, Lima, and Nichole D. Zechar, 33, Lima; Jordan A. Crowder, 25, Lima, and Candice N. Hurley, 29, Lima; Brett M. Stover, 30, Lima, and Jade D. Pearson, 34, Lima; John P. Bockey, 49, Elida, and Melissa S. Odenweller, 43, Delphos; Timothy J. Lehmkuhle, 24, Bluffton, and Ashley D. Elliott, 25, Bluffton; Walter L. Jones Sr., 63, Lima, and Shirley A. Tate, 51, Lima; Joshua D. Steiner, 33, Lima, and Tia M. Ruark, 26, Jackson Center; Brian M. Pitson, 28, Harrod, and Brandy R. Irvin, 26, Harrod; Kevin E. Glasco Jr., 23, Lima, and Ashley N. Law, 28, Lima; Robert L. Webb, 65, Delphos, and Janice L. McDorman, 72, Delphos; Travis A. Fillhart, 24, Lima, and Ericka J. Gerding, 24, Lima; Derrik M. Long, 22, Elida, and Jessica N. Stambaugh, 23, Lima; Michael A. Barnes, 34, Lima, and Melissa S. Harvey, 43, Lima; Ronald L. Dove, 60, Delphos, and Deborah B. George, 61, Harrod.


Sara and Justin Everett; Sherri J. and Noah D. Owens; Jessica C. and James R. Lescallett; Jordan M. and Nichole T. Ricker; Jennifer E. and Michael P. Frueh; Janice E. and Charles H. Ewing; Stacy J. and James W. Barker; Danny Poland II and Katie Poland; Bonnie and Andrew Burden; Betsy A. and Jose R. Bedolla Soria; Juanita L. and Trevor L. Callahan; Michael P. Ball Sr. and Adrienne D. Ball.

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