Health board member resigns

First Posted: 1/9/2015

LIMA — Allen County’s Board of Health has a lot more than just flu on its mind.

Still, the illness was a part of the discussion during the board’s first meeting of the year Friday morning, since more than 92 flu patients were hospitalized in the area in December alone.

Board President Dr. Wilfred Ellis said its the most he’s personally seen as a doctor but he’s pleased with county hospitals’ ability to manage the outbreak.

Despite the epidemic, the board still had reason to celebrate, ending the year with $625,270.45 left in its bank accounts. In contrast, it ended the 2013 fiscal year with $99,138.51. The remaining funds will be used to get ahead on general costs in 2015.

“That’s fantastic,” said Eric Kerner, the board’s vice president.

Some projections from the previous year were a bit off the mark. The cost of vaccinations for clinics and death certificates, for example, was more than expected because they became or remained private instead of state expenditures. The board was able to compensate because of other areas coming in under budget, like retirement spending.

The board also honored long-time member Don Schweingruber, who resigned from his post because of health reasons. He served on the health board for more than 20 years and was vice president from 2003- 13. Remaining members will give Schweingruber a gift paired with a letter of their appreciation for his years of service.

“He will be sorely missed,” Kerner said.

The group has not found a replacement or decided how one will be determined, but will most likely fill the vacancy in March, when Schweingruber’s term would’ve officially ended.

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