100th Birthday: Florence Amanda Pisel

First Posted: 11/18/2013

CONVOY — Florence Amanda Pisel, of Convoy, celebrated her 100th birthday Nov. 23, 2013. A party was held for her at Van Crest Assisted Living Facility, in Convoy.

She was born Nov. 23, 1913 in Delphos to Mary and James Rupert. This was the same year as Henry Ford’s first assembly line, the ratification of the 16th Amendment allowing the federal government the right to impose and collect taxes and the great Dayton flood, which killed 360 people and destroyed 20,000 homes after four days of rain. Her father, James, died of the great influenza in 1917; at the time he was a full time chicken plucker. After her husband’s death, her mother, Mary, took in washing and then re-married in 1929.

During the great depression, the Rupert family was poor and proud but never hungry because the family farm supplied eggs, milk, poultry and produce from a large garden.

Through the past 100 years, Pisel has lived through six major wars: World War I and World War II, Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraqi Wars.

When she was born there was no such thing as penicillin, combine harvesters, nuclear fission, television, the pill, computers or Internet. Woodrow Wilson was president and she has seen 17 presidents come and go, she has always been a staunch and doughty Republican.

She was married in 1930 to Walton Benford of Van Wert and then in 1954 to Jack Pisel, of Lima.

Pisel raised two, Patricia Humes, of Lima, Shirley Woodyard, of Van Wert. She has five grandchildren, and they all call her “MaMa,” a nickname originating from her first grandchild.

She faithfully attended High Street United Methodist Church from 1958 where may people will remember her as the smiling “greeter” on Sunday mornings.

She makes fantastic cherry pies and is beloved by many, many people.

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