Lima committee reviews civil service rules

First Posted: 11/18/2013

LIMA — The Lima City Council Human Resources Committee began the tedious work of going through the Civil Service rules Monday in an effort to clear up language and possibly speed up the process of hiring workers in classified positions.

The majority of the meeting was spent going over the definitions section of the civil service hiring rules, clarifying them, and taking out redundant or outdated definitions.

“While the work was slow-moving, committee chairwoman Paige Townsend said she felt good progress was made as the committee first gets through some of the easier parts of the rules before getting to the more serious language.

“We are trying to get through this easy stuff and then get to the harder stuff in sections five, six and seven of the rules,” Townsend said.

One topic expected to bring much discussion will be the future of the rule of 10, which in effect qualified 10 people for employment of a position. Townsend said the rule was implemented in an attempt to allow for more diversity among candidates.

“I would be in favor of removing the rule of 10 but requiring a higher number for scoring on the civil service test,” Townsend said.

Civil Service Board Secretary Andy King said he agreed good progress was made.

“Its a high volume of things to cover,” King said. “Anything that makes it more clear is positive for everyone. We are starting the process and going over basic things, but we know there may be some other things that might generate more debate.”

King said if the rule of 10 was removed, City Council would have to address the issue carefully.

“If there was a cutoff score it could potentially make the process more cumbersome,” he said. “We could have more people to interview for a job than now.”

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