ChamberFest brings Las Vegas to Lima

First Posted: 10/29/2013

LIMA — There will be plenty of high rolling at Veterans Memorial Civic Center Thursday as the Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce hosts ChamberFest 2013, the organization’s largest community event.

“We’ll have plenty of casino style games,” Adah Ellerbrock, the Chamber of Commerce’s program director, said. “People will get $25,000 in chamber cash when they get their ticket. They can then try their luck at any number of Vegas style games to increase their money. With that money, they can partake in the 4 live auctions that will be held, bidding on great prizes donated by our members, including baskets, gift cards, tools and many more.”

Participants will also be able to get the opportunity to sample the various dining options the area has to offer.

“We’ll also have a taste tour of Lima,” Ellerbrock said. “We have 18 different locations that will have tables, so people don’t have to come eat supper. They can try things like pizza, wings, or even gourmet popcorn.”

Ticket holders will also have a chance at winning ChamberFest’s grand prize.

“This year, we have an ultimate party package, which is anything they would need for a backyard barbecue or a tailgate party,” Ellerbrock said. “It’s got some pretty sweet things in it. There’s a grill and a TV, among other things.”

Even for those who do not win the grand prize, however, ChamberFest promises to be a fun-filled night that also helps the Chamber of Commerce support area businesses.

“It’s a great night to spend out,” Ellerbrock said. “It’s been successful for 22 years, and we have around 700 or 800 people that come out. Even if people don’t win, they walk away a winner because of all the fun they have.”

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