Company sues over 2010 fire at Primrose

First Posted: 10/24/2013

LIMA — The insurance company for a local retirement community is suing an electric company, alleging its technician failed to recognize and repair problems that led to a fire in 2010.

Stonington Insurance Co. of Texas filed the lawsuit over a claim it paid to Primrose Retirement Community of Lima in connection with the fire. The company is seeking more than $25,000 in damages.

The lawsuit alleges Sparta Electric performed electrical work in the building before July 23, 2010, as well as that day, when the facility manager at Primrose called the company after discovering several tripped circuits affecting air conditioning units.

A technician for Sparta Electric examined the problem and failed to recognize that an electrical failure had occurred, which caused a fire. The technician also failed to take proper actions to warn the facility of danger, the lawsuit said.

The technician left without fixing the hazard. That evening, a fire erupted in the facility causing damage to the facility, the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit said Sparta was negligent in the diagnosis and repair of the electrical problem the day of the fire, and that Sparta failed to warn Primrose of the dangerous conditions.

Sparta Electric Vice President Darren Joy said Primrose has never had a problem with Sparta, and he blames the lawsuit on lawyers out for money.

“We still do work for Primrose and they are happy and satisfied with the work they receive,” Joy said. “They’ve got a snake-eyed attorney somewhere in there, and they’re grasping for straws.”

The fire caused the evacuation of 78 residents. The fire was called in when someone at the facility saw smoke coming from the ceiling.

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