Westgate Shopping Center, 1961

First Posted: 3/28/2013

This photo was published in the Lima Citizen March 26, 1961, with "And still some eggs weren't found." The photo captured the scene at the fourth annual egg hunt by Westgate Merchants Association. It was estimated at least 4,000 people attended. More than $400 in merchant prizes were given away, with the big prizes being bicycles. Winners of three of the four bikes were Thomas Gilmer, 11; Vicki Udall, 6; Karen Ann Wholf, 10; and one golden egg with a bike certificiate was not found. Two golden eggs had certificates for transistor radios, and one was found by Karen J. Dinan, 11. The bikes and radios were from Johnson's Hobby Den.

0681085e4201dc49298bce531d053f7c.jpg In the hunt: Easter eggs

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