Fort Shawnee Municipal Building to go to auction Saturday

First Posted: 12/10/2013

SHAWNEE TOWNSHIP — The former Fort Shawnee Municipal Building and the 3 acres associated with the building will go to the highest bidder Saturday if the going price meets an undisclosed minimum threshold, a Shawnee Township trustee said.

Shawnee Township Trustee Russ Holly said the township is selling the property because the township has no need for the property or the building.

“We evaluated what we could use it for and the township does not really have a need for it,” Holly said of conversations he had with fellow trustees Dave Belton and Chris Seddlemeyer. “Basically, it would be an obligation to heat it and to take care of it since we are not going to use it.”

Tthe trustees used the Allen County Auditor’s Office appraisal to determine the property’s value. The former municipal building is valued at $253,400 and the 3 acres it sits on is valued at $51,300, according to Auditor’s Office website.

Holly said the trustees have developed a minimum threshold price they would accept based on the Auditor’s Office property valuation and other properties in the area. He would not disclose the miniminum threshold the trustees agreed would need to be met.

“If we can’t get a certain amount, then we will keep it and actually have a Realtor post it,” Holly said. “We have had great interest in the property — we have had numerous individuals, businesses and so on express interest in the property.”

If a sales bid is accepted, the proceeds will go the general fund and then the trustees would allocate the money to the various departments based on financial needs, Holly said. Proceeds from an earlier auction, which included selling items from the Police, Fire and Street departments and office equipment, went to the general fund and then to the corresponding township department from which city department the item was sold.

The township kept a truck and a tractor and some other equipment.

As the village is absorbed into the township, Holly said officials are working with members of the county’s regional planning authority and the township’s Zoning Board to discuss zoning regulations and to alleviate any zoning issues.

“The audit also is finally completed for the different things that were going on with the state in regard to village business and the bills that were there — it has all been taken care of,” Holly said. “The transition has gone fairly smoothly.”

The trustee said the most significant change is the township is now responsible for plowing and taking care of an additional 22 miles of roadway. They also have a larger area to cover for police protection. The Fire Department already covered the village and the township.

Village residents voted in November 2012 to dissolve the village. The assets of the village at that time were transferred to the township.

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