School is face of Perry

First Posted: 11/1/2013

Many rural school districts in Ohio do not have a city or village to serve as the center of the community. Because of this, rural communities focus their attention on the local school district as their “community center” and many of the activities of the township revolve around the activities of the school. Sporting events, musicals, academic challenges and artistic presentations bind the community together.

The Perry school district serves a similar function for our township. In many ways, the degree of support provided by the community for the school district has a direct effect on the amount of pride and support we have for our local community. A thriving school system that takes pride in academic achievement, athletic advancement, contemporary facilities and high-tech classrooms attracts new residents, businesses and investment to the community.

Alternatively, a school system that expects low achievement and has mediocre facilities turns away families and businesses and negatively impacts the growth of the community. Perry schools have come a long way in improving its academic credibility; however, our facilities are a different story. The elementary school was first built in 1931 and unfortunately is showing its age.

As an owner of a local business and a general manager of a division of a multinational corporation, I can tell you that the quality of a school district and the appearance of its buildings is an important consideration when deciding where to build a new business. A 1931 school building does not put the Perry community in a favorable light and suggest the school system is not a priority for the community.

On Nov. 5th, the residents of Perry Township will be faced with an important decision and it is time for the community to show its support for the school system by approving a bond levy to build a new elementary school.

— Rusty E. Rush, Spencerville

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