How long would you obey a police lockdown in your city? Tell us about it in a letter to

First Posted: 4/19/2013

C5A89D12-ECF0-0001-7596AEF0E2DB1EF6 I wouldn't obey at all. 32
C5A89D14-F950-0001-B4DACDA0C7502EE0 Up to two hours. 7
C5A89D15-EFE0-0001-6FF4A7E21EF2B240 Up to six hours. 0
C5A89D17-04C0-0001-C4B0134085B05B30 Up to 12 hours. 10
C5A89D18-08D0-0001-9EFC7F8018BA1499 Up to a day. 18
C5A89D19-34E0-0001-3CB312D01E883F10 Up to 2 days. 7
C5A89D1A-49E0-0001-8AB31C2018FF1C80 For as long as police told me. 174

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