Marriages and divorces

First Posted: 6/7/2013


Dane E. Felver Jr., 28, Lima, and Megan M. Hemker, 21, Lima; Jeremy B. Bogart, 21, Lima, and Allisen N. Reichelderfer, 19, Cairo; Paul M. Bauer, 30, Tuscon, Ariz., and Alicia R. Golden, 29, Lima; Sean M. Fisher, 22, Delphos, and Kimberly A. Selhorst, 23, Columbus Grove; Travis A. Phipps, 24, Harrod, and Kori M. Clum, 22, Lima; Branden A. Kidd, 29, Lima, and Danielle D. Rogers, 23, Lima; Bradley D. Brenneman, 27, Elida, and Brittany P. Martz, 27, Delphos; Paul J. Morton, 30, Lima, and Courtnie R. Mackie, 22, Caldwell; Joshua W. Goedde, 28, Delphos, and Chance D. Beavers, 31, Delphos; Philip J. Butler, 26, Lima, and Jessica N. Strayer, 22, Prospect; Justin D. Rinderle, 25, Lima, and Ashleigh N. Walters, 25, Lima; Matthew T. Zehner, 24, Lima, and Casey L. Conley, 24, Lima; Donald D. Hickey, 29, Delphos, and Christyauna A. Van Dyke, 20, Delphos; Jonah J. Cox, 25, Beaverdam, and Rebecca K. Fish, 43, Beaverdam; Adam M. Phillips, 26, Bluffton, and Sarah A. Hounshell, 23, Bluffton; Gabriel R. Gehr, 20, Delphos, and Kaitlyn E. Ring, 20, Lima; Daniel A. Sutherland, 23, Lima, and Sahara R. Hutchinson, 22, Lima; Dalton M. Osterhout, 21, Lima, and Alicia R. Rostorfer, 21, Wapakoneta; Mark E. Fenzl, 43, Bluffton, and Tonya S. Burroughs, 43, Fort Wayne; Ryan J. Newcomer, 32, Lima, and Elizabeth A. Taylor, 31, Lima; Brady C. Rowe, 40, Lima, and Rebecca J. Lively, 35, Lima; Michael C. Thompson, 27, Spencerville, and Anna M. Raines, 24, Spencerville; Robert O. Layton, 45, Lima, and Tessie M. Bohrer, 44, Lima; Chad T. Griggy, 31, Lima, and Helina T. Aleme, 31, Lima; Eric J. Nolte, 29, Lima, and Jenna M. Johnston, 27, Lima; William J. Stoll, 44, Lima, and Sara L. Price, 37, Lima; Matthew P. Brackman, 26, Bluffton, and Jessica L. Cox, 27, Ridgeway; Weston T. Hites, 20, Harrod, and Athena M. Long, 18, Harrod; Jason M. Lieurance, 38, Lima, and Nicole R. Russell, 39, Elida; Jed A. Morton-Davis, 28, Lima, and Adrienne M. Williamson, 32, Lima; Dennis Salazar III, 56, Lima, and Terry L. Looker, 55, Lima; Joseph J. Dray, 34, Delphos, and Stephanie L. Havill, 30, Delphos; Adam J. Lee, 33, Delphos, and Jessica M. Massa, 24, Delphos; Kit C. Harmon, 54, Lima, and Marion E. Wilson, 47, Lima; Brian W. Wentling, 43, Lima, and Betsy L. Hardesty, 44, Lima; Kevin S. Carder, 23, Lima, and Sarah M. Sanders, 31, Delphos; Mitchell D. Arlington, 31, Spencerville, and Jennifer A. Sarosy, 33, Spencerville; Max D. Long, 26, Elida, and Michelle L. Rupert, 22, Wapakoneta; Jeffrey F. Minor, 32, East Lansing, Mich., and Elizabeth A. Covay, 31, East Lansing, Mich.; Frederick A. Doseck Jr., 38, Lima, and Amy M. Weeks, 36, Lima; Brandon J. Green, 34, Lima, and Natalie K. Pugin, 30, Lima; Brian S. Orick Jr., 30, Lima, and Cristin A. Johnson, 28, Lima; Lewis W. Parker, 61, Lima, and Mona L. Etzler, 36, Lima; Dale R. Powers, 62, Benson, Ariz., and Wendy J. Bowsher, 59, Benson, Ariz.


Jennifer L. and John T. Meyer; Darrell and Cynthia Sherwood; Agnes and Carl P. Zelinka II; David R. and Lisa R. Sabovik; Melinda and Matthew Hackworth; Terry P. Fair Jr., and April L. Fair; Judy A. and Carroll E. Williams; Michael P. and Stacy L. Boruff; Vicki L. and Steven M. Sprague; Victoria and Dustin Kohli; Tassha Y. and Dustin W. Thobe; Kyle D. and Phuoc T. Pham; Shannon M. and John E. Kline.

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