GOP needs to end its temper tantrum

First Posted: 10/8/2013

Now that the GOP and its tea party extortionists have seen fit to shut the federal government down, here’s something to think about.

What would be the reaction by the GOP if a group of employees were threatening to shut down a company that contributed some critical item or service to the country, by withholding their labor?

The GOP, at the very least, would want to have an injunction against such action slapped on this group of employees faster than it took to write this sentence. In fact, what they would really want is for these employees to be fired.

If you look at what the GOP is doing, it is similar to a labor dispute resulting in a strike. Only in this instance, the group withholding their services is getting paid their full salary because they hold the purse strings.

When will the GOP get it through their collective bigoted stubbornness that President Barack Obama was legitimately elected? And along with that, the policies and laws that were passed in his first term were legitimized by his re-election, which includes the Affordable Care Act.

I realize that the thought of the president being in office another three years is abhorrent to most of these numskulls but they need to get over it and do the work of actually governing this country as they were elected to do. If not, then come 2014, the voters of this country need to exercise their powers of job termination and have them replaced by people who understand how government is supposed to work and are willing to do more than just throw a tantrum when they don’t get their way.

Larry Donaldson, Elida

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