Man climbs through HVAC to burglarize store

First Posted: 1/6/2015

LIMA — A man climbed into a Dollar General store in Lima through the building’s ductwork, according to the Lima Police Department.

Once inside the Dollar General located at 691 S. Main St., the man loaded items into a garbage bag but activated the alarm system by stepping in front of a sensor inside the business.

There are air conditioning units on the north side of the building, of which the man was able to break loose the ductwork connected to the unit, Sgt. Andy Green said. The man then climbed inside the ductwork, traveling about 10 feet upwards into the building.

Green said the man fell through a ceiling tile in the store. There has not been a burglary like this at the store before, Green said.

This is not a typical method to gain entrance, Green said, “thieves can be quite resourceful.”

The man was in the store for two to three minutes, Green said. The total dollar amount of items stolen was not available late Tuesday.

The burglar then fled out the back of the business before police officerse could arrive.

The man was wearing a light-colored, long-sleeve shirt that had horizontal lines on it, according to the LPD’s Facebook page. He had his face covered partially with a green scarf and wore a black hat and gloves.

As of Tuesday evening there were no suspects and no one has been charged.

Green said he is hoping someone will recognize the style of shirt the man was wearing.

“I’m hoping that someone knows something about it and comes forward. If anyone knows any detail about it, I encourage them to come forward no matter how small the detail might seem,” Green said.

If you have any information about the burglary, contact the LPD at 419-227-4444.

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