2014 produced many memorable moments

First Posted: 1/3/2015

Good-bye 2014! It can only be hoped that the dawning of a new year will leave behind feelings of the past and that the scores of all tournaments to include the Holiday Doubles will roll in this season. For future reference going forward always remember that I talk to a lot of people and what is written is more often the feelings of the association members that you are charged to represent.

Good-bye 2014! It was a year that left us with a boatload of 300 games and momentarily happy bowlers. Of course with a lot of 300 games there were a lot of happy moments. Lol

Good-bye 2014! It was a great year for the West Ohio High School Bowling Conference. Wapak defeated Olmstead Falls to win the initial Division I state title. The Coldwater girls did everything that they could to grab a three-peat before falling to Mechanicsburg in a very tight five game match. The men of Coldwater and Versailles fell in the semifinals on their side of the ledger.

Good-bye 2014! It has been an incredible year of growth for the University of Northwestern Ohio bowling program. It has been fantastic to have the opportunity to sit off to the side and watch boys and girls become gentlemen and ladies. While 2015 may bring trophies 2014 brought character — congrats to Brian VanMeter, Carl Keysor and Brian Garman for being the inspiration and to the young men and women for making it happen.

Good-bye 2014! This writer no longer needs to beg for somebody to bring back high school bowling to our city. John Zell from Lima Senior High and Dick Heath responded to the prodding of parents and students and their programs are well under development. One of my favorite folks has a goal of bringing Bath into the fold as well.

Good-bye 2014! What a year it has been in the realm of continued creativity at the bowling establishments in our community. One of the reasons that I have heard over the years for not bowling in leagues is that the season is so long. With a little effort on the part of future bowlers you can now find a short season to bowl in with more in the plans for 2015.

Good-bye 2014! We’ve-crowned one champion and crowned a new one in the Lima City Singles this past year. Shelley Ambroza was the re- crowned champion and Nick Zachariah would love to be re-crowned this season.

Good-bye 2014! It was a season where the USBC found something to do with all the money that it was being paid through membership dues. In its wisdom a test was developed that was administered to all board members so that they could serve. Never mind that the people who serve love the game and are often put in office by peers who bowl and respect them. The USBC had a better plan.

Good-bye 2014! While I am thinking about it for yet another season the OHSAA refused to consider how different the sport of bowling is and how much they need the proprietors. It is either time for the boards of the different associations or even the USBC to rise up and meet with the state and support their folks or — maybe for my favorite bowling lane guy to start selling lanes to high schools.

If you are out and about this afternoon get over to 20th Century Lanes to watch round two of qualification for the Lima City Singles. The women will be in action this afternoon and then this coming Saturday evening around 6 p.m. the top 32 men and 16 women will return for round three leading into next Sunday’s exciting finale.

I am predicting one former and one new champion to be crowned.

In closing I was truly blessed this past week to have a conversation with Mike Meyer, a true friend of this column and many within the bowling community.

We spoke of his father and it was my hope that I could pen something here to share the appreciation of many in the bowling world for his father, Dan.

God however beat me to the opportunity to share a moment of joy with the patriarch of the Meyer family when he called him home on New Year’s Day to be with his wonderful wife, Norma, who we lost about one year ago.

They leave behind an incredible legacy. The owner of Palpak Industries since 1968 was the former owner of Main Way Lanes as well as Highland Lanes now owned by the Schroeder family.

The method of transfer of the lanes (a handshake deal) is what life was like in that era. Meyer and Jim Schroeder were great bowlers and even better friends as are their sons Mike and Dean and the Schroeder men.

The chat with Mike will always be valued as we discussed how his dad spent this final year. I will honor the spirit in which it was told. Suffice it to say for those who love him that Daniel Meyer went out the way that he lived and bowled as a champion, sport enthusiast and lover of his family.

May he be blessed! Mike, Dean and Jill we will keep your father and your family in our prayers.

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