First Posted: 12/31/2014

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Dec. 25 to Dec. 31. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.

Last year Last week This week

Deeds 67 69 65

Mortgages 39 46 52

Mortgage cancellations 31 42 63

Financing statements 0 0 0


• Aegis Asset Backed Securities Trust, Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC. and US Bank National Association Trustee to John F. Casey, 2120 Oakland Pkwy, Lima, $40,100.

• Chris Gauthier, Dama L. Darrah and Dama L. Gauthier to Ronald Massey, 930 Loretta Pl., Lima, $115,500.

• Harbour Portfolio VIII LP to Country Realty, LLC., 617 Catalpa Ave., Lima, $1,000.

• Lima Chester, LLC. to 2200 Allentown, LLC., 2200 Allentown Rd., Lima, $1,175,000.

• Ricky E. Michael to Kathryn Rivas, 612 Prospect Ave., Lima, $23,000.

• Quatman Law, LLC., Robert K. Leonard and George B. Quatman to Antonio L. Dawson and Thomas L. Walton, 321½-27 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $10,500.

• Brett M. Roehm to Paige Renee Biederman, 733 Ilata Ave., Lima, $63,000.


• Barbara Ann Bantner, Bernard Lee Conner, Carolyn Conner, James B. Hoffer and Keith Bantner to Benjamin and Megan Conner, 1405 S. Conant Rd., Spencerville, $30,000.


• James D. and L. Rosana Fisher, Peggy A. and Nicholas J. Jr. Ehora, Steven A. and Cynthia Fisher to Thomas R. Huckeriede and Heather M. Flora, 1695 Arlington Dr., Lima, $94,000.

• HRF Corporation to Neal C. and Janice K. McMichael, 4863 Carriage Ln., Lima, $242,800.

• Tiffany G. Martinez, Tiffany G. Harmon, Tiffany G. Harris and Gregory J. Harris to Kacey L. Alger and Ashley N. Caster, 669 Powers Ave., Lima, $79,900.

• Nicholas E. Miller and Carl E. Miller to Dora L. Schimmoller, 3824 N. Kemp Rd., Lima, $75,500.

• Matthew E. and Amanda L. Ott and Amanda L. Koester to Eric R. and Carolyn R. Shellenbarger, 1731 Northbrook Dr., Lima, $113,000.

• Wendy A. Overly and Wendy A. and Thomas L. Turner to Ryan C. and Kayla J. Howell, 1610 Arlington Dr., Lima, $110,000.


• Carolyn R. McGregor to Wendy Money, 229 Devonshire Dr., Lima, $94,000.

• Cory M. and Victoria Mouser to Bee Wah Lam, 305 Bryn Mawr Ave., Lima, $38,000.

• David W. and Jane C. Pauff to Amy S. Fisher, 755 Hefner Dr., Lima, $165,000.


• John E. and Carita A. Lancaster and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 202 S. Lima St., Beaverdam, $20,000.


• Eric L. and Aimee B. Bontrager to Todd Vansickle, 2650 Stonywood Dr., Lima, $146,500.


• Timothy and Donna F. Brassell to Jerry L. and Melissa Stemen, 737 N. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $42,500.


• Brad A. Winegardner, Brad D. Winegardner and Wendy D. Winegardner to State of Ohio Department of Transportation, Jackson Township, $300.


• Sherry Lee Arnold to David Francis Arnold, 400-406 Washington St., Lafayette, $39,500.


• Liki Tiki II, LLC. to DDS Farms, LLC., Lehman Rd., Delphos, $237,300.


• Calvin E. Roeder to Tina M. Anderson, 11059 Ottawa Rd., Columbus Grove, $52,500.


• Kevin Smalley to Robert T. Huber, 258 E. Breese Rd., Lima, $107,000.

• Larry S. Sr. and Nancy R. Vandyke to Craig Raymond Lane, 1107 E. Ninth St., Lima, $2,500.


• Diane Carol Rose Deitel to Cyrus Dousti and Nasim Mastouri, 1625 Sunrise Dr., Lima, $105,000.

• Beverly J. England to Vanessa Butts, 4 Cutler Ln., Lima, $10,000.

• Kenneth M. Frank to Homo Habilis, LLC., 2945 Yoakam Rd., Lima, $137,000.

• Green Tree Servicing, LLC., Bank of New York, CWABS, Inc. and Bank of New York Mellon to Kamal N. Yoakim, 4700 Delong Rd., Lima, $25,500.

• Jerry G. and Shellie K. Klink to Thomas R. Keating, 611 Hokan Trl., Lima, $265,000.

• Philip J. McGahey to Michael and Becky S. Heffner, 1420 Walnut Ct., Lima, $90,000.

• John P. and Kelley Sweeney and Diane and Alex M. Alexander to Joan E. Doctor, 1755 Shawnee Rd., Lima, $15,000.


• Nancy K. Davis, Michael Timothy Hogan, Jacqueline A. Hogan Davis, Jachequline A. Hogan Davis and Michael T. Hogan to Ellen M. and Michael John Hanafee, 110 S. Dale Dr., Lima, $78,500.

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