Law officers deserve respect

First Posted: 12/29/2014

There is a dangerous trend taking place in this country. More and more people, most of which are radical trouble makers, or follower who just want to be part of some group, are complaining loudly about police tactics even when those tactics may be necessary.

These people are slowly but surely creating a negative image of law enforcement which is exactly what they want to accomplish. Law abiding people who want to live in peace and without fear need to put an end to this. You have to wonder if any of those complainers know the only line of defense between bad people and good people is law enforcement.

What keeps drug dealers from roaming school parking lots? Law enforcement! What keeps thieves from constantly breaking into your house or car? Law enforcement! What allows us to remain relatively safe whether we are walking, shopping, driving or sleeping? Law enforcement! If we allow this trend to continue, a law enforcement career will become less attractive to younger people and fewer of them will want to do it.

Are there some bad apples? Sure, but let’s leave it to the officers in charge to weed them out.

There needs to be a positive counter action to the complete disrespect of law enforcement by these people. The police in New York are now saying they feel betrayed, demoralized, misunderstood and “all alone.” We can’t continue to allow them to feel this way. I for one will always support law enforcement as long as they continue to do their job to the best of their ability and I believe most of them are trying to do just that.

— Steve Sdao, Lima

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