LPD Investigative Services Division gives at Christmas

First Posted: 1/2/2015

LIMA — The Lima Police Department Investigative Services Division adopted a family at Christmas, helping to brighten a single mom’s plight.

Sgt. Paula Strickler, of the Investigative Services Division, said the entire unit came together to help this mother out.

“We just talked about adopting a family for Christmas this year. I have connections with the Salvation Army and I asked them, that is how I got her name,” Strickler said.

For Tiffany Phipps, of Lima, this was nothing short of a miracle. She is a single mom with children, ages 4, 2 and 1. Phipps and her 2-year-old son both have medical issues. She has worked part-time jobs, but cannot get full-time employment because of her health and her son’s health issues. Phipps was wondering how she could provide a Christmas at all for her children.

“I was overwhelmed and stressed, wondering how I would give my kids the Christmas they deserve,” Phipps said.

According to Strickler, everyone in the Investigative Services Division donated money.

“The major and his wife shopped for toys for the kids and gift cards for the mom. My niece and I went grocery shopping, and my niece and I delivered the presents and food,” Strickler said.

Phipps was amazed at the amount of gifts her children received.

“They got two outfits a piece and a brand new pair of shoes and six to eight toys a piece. My son received a remote control police car and my little one got a baby doll that she carries around in her diaper bag. They provided us with food and toiletries as well,” Phipps said.

“Just her expression of gratitude when we did it just makes it worth it,” Strickler said.

“They get a bad rap. They do things for us that nobody knows about. I needed to let people know that they really are great people,” Phipps said. “Thank you LPD Investigative Services Division.”

Mercer County residents part of “Petal Pushers”

MERCER COUNTY — Wes and Kay Sanders, of Minster, and Pat and Cathy Schmitmeyer, of Montezuma, belong to Petal Pushers, a group of volunteers who travel to Pasadena, California, to attach thousands of roses, carnations, lilies, mums and other flowers to floats that were seen during the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day.

Many of the Petal Pushers decorate the Lutheran Hour Ministries float, the only Christian-themed float in the parade. A large number of the 5,000 member plus Petal Pusher volunteers help out on six other Rose Parade Floats (Honda, City of Los Angeles, Farmers Insurance, Western Asset, Shriner’s Children’s Hospital and the United Sikh Mission).

“It is amazing to see the amount of detail involved in putting together these floats and the number of volunteers required to accomplish the task,” said Kay Sanders in the news release.

For information on the Petal Pushers and its volunteer opportunities, visit http://petalpushers.org.

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