Top 10 stories missed 1

First Posted: 12/31/2014

I read with interest the article on the local top 10 stories and feel like there was a story that was missed.

In 2014, St. Rita’s Medical Center discontinued In-Patient and Out-Patient Addiction Services.

I know people who went through the In-Patient Services program and the Out-Patient program and now live wonderful, sober lives. There are many people in this area who are struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol and those people are now being left out in the cold with no services available locally.

All business decisions are based on money and I’m sure that is why St. Rita’s discontinued this essential community service, which is a shame.

So many people struggle with the fear, shame, guilt and uninformed stereotypes of society when seeking help for spouses, children and friends, that they are afraid to come forward about this great loss to the Lima community.

I am not afraid to raise my voice because I have seen the great successes and the losses that result from the fight of addiction. Please join me in pleading with the health care institutions in Lima to bring back this vital service.

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