Five tips to avoid police problems

First Posted: 12/29/2014

I am totally sick and tired of the onus for the deaths of hoodlums and thugs being totally placed upon the police officers.

I have had many interactions with officers and have never been treated with anything but courtesy. We need an education program for the community as to how to interact with officers of the law.

If you want to reduce tension between young black men and the police, here are a few suggestions that would eliminate the problem:

1. Do not commit crimes. Obey the law.

2. Do not point weapons at police officers, even toys that look real. The police do not know if it is real or a toy and cannot take the chance.

3. Do not assault police officers or try to take their guns.

4. Obey the officers’ commands until the situation is resolved. Do not mouth off.

5. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, wait until the encounter ends, and file a complaint with an appropriate agency. There are more than enough organizations willing and eager to take your side.

If these common sense rules were taught by all parents, teachers, community activists and counselors,”Death by Cop” would be eliminated for all innocent young black males. Of course, most black so-called leaders do not want this to happen because it would erode their power base.

John Lake


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