Local nurse nominated, to sing at international music awards ceremony

MARIA STEIN —An area nurse is getting international attention for her talents outside of the hospital room.

Annette Huelskamp, who also goes by the name Shega when she performs her music, works as a nurse in her home residence of Maria Stein, but has another job as an international singer.

And in a few days, she will find out if she has won the acclaim that could validate everything, at the Kilimandjaro Music Awards in Toronto.

“I read the nomination and thought it was an invitation,” said Huelskamp, who is originally from Haiti and moved to Maria Stein after meeting her future husband, Ben Huelskamp, whom she met in Haiti while he was on mission. “And I told them I could not go, so they told me what it was and that if I could not be there then somebody else would have to take any awards for me.”

And even if Huelskamp does not win in the Best Female Artist or Best Female Voice categories, she will still perform at the ceremony, which celebrates African artists in North America, starting at 6 p.m. and broadcast on YouTube Live on YouTube Saturday, Nov. 19.

With her powerful dance hits about subject matters such as love against the odds, giving thanks to medical professionals and staying positive, Shega stands a good chance at winning.

But even if she wins, Huelskamp will not plan on giving up being a nurse.

“People who know that I’m an artist, they keep saying when I’m doing nursing care, they say, ‘What are you doing here?’” she said. “‘Your life is different! What are you doing?’ I say I love being a nurse. It was a dream. So let me be. But this question always popped up to my husband. ‘If you become a millionaire are you still going to be a nurse? So what are you going to do?’ But let me tell you I love being a nurse. I will keep my license.”

Fans can vote on the Kilimandjaro Music Awards until Nov. 17 on the website kmawards.live.

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