Letter: What concerns our daily lives?

In June 2008 a gallon of gasoline was $3.52, and a barrel of crude oil was $140.00 a barrel.

So why are we paying $5.00-plus for gasoline, and a barrel is, as of June 11, $120.67?

There’s no investigation pertaining to the disparity, but Jan 6 is being investigated. Which one of these situations concerns the public more, Jan. 6 or the price at the pump and the price of food for our families?

The amount of expenses that families are having to spend to support their families is depleting their saving to a point that they are having to delay or even cancel important medical appointments just to be able to feed their families, not even considering the change in food purchases that reduces the daily menus to less healthy conditions.

So please write, call, text your legislators and let them know there is an election coming up this fall.

Edward A. Klaus


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