Clarence Roller: No real need for incredibly powerful rifles

The M-16 was designed to take the place of the M-14. The 16 was lighter, fired much faster, and it and its ammunition were much smaller, so a soldier was carrying less weight and thus the soldier could carry more ammo.

But the driving force behind its design was that it was meant to kill. In fact, after it was introduced in Vietnam, captured Viet Cong told the story that you should stay away from the soldiers with the “black gun” because it kills. And it kills in a devastating way. Some people say that the bullet explodes, but it doesn’t — the impact resembles an explosion.

At the scene of the Sandy Hook murders, some people wanted to view the crime scene. They were told that unless they had a legal requirement to see it, their request would be denied. They were told that the scene was such that should they see it, their lives would be forever transfigured.

Now at Uvalde, some parents have been asked to provide DNA samples to aid in the identification of students. And morticians are coming from across Texas, some of them specializing in facial reconstruction.

I just saw Matthew McConaughey, who is from Uvalde, in the White House press room after he had talked with President Joe Biden. He told of one 10-year-old girl, and the way they identified her was the fact that she was wearing her favorite, green high-top Converse tennis shoes that she had drawn a heart on the right big toe of the shoe. The only pediatrician at the Uvalde hospital said that some children were hit in such a manner that it decapitated them.

What kind of animal thinks any civilian has the “right” to that vicious of a weapon? And now the U.S. Army is requesting a new standard rifle, the M-5. The M-16 was designed to kill; the M-5 design parameters are such that the bullet be able to penetrate all existing body armor!

What should really get your attention is the fact that the company that manufactures it is proposing a “commercial” version of it. Can anyone tell me who among us needs a weapon with this capability? I would think everyone who wears a badge would like to know the answer to that question.

What I believe the President should do is call a joint session of Congress — he has the Constitutional authority to do that — and when they are all present, he should direct the Sergeant of Arms to remove all nonmembers of Congress, minus a press pool, and lock the doors. Then on large video screens, he should show the complete Robb Elementary School crime scene. When it is over, he should just walk out, being careful to watch where he steps.

And for you Second Amendment types, would you please read it? It tells you that it is “necessary to the security of a free State.” Because in those days, any standing army belonged to the king, queen, emperor, czar or other authoritarian, not the country or the people. So we had no standing army that could possibly be used against the people in this new thing called a democracy. The Constitution furthers that position by making the Army’s “appropriation of money” to last only two years at a time.

But still for some twisted reason, you have a paranoid fear of our democratically elected government, to the extent that you threaten elected officials with your irrationality. Your very actions will sooner or later force the government to act in the manner you fear. Don’t test the resolution of the oath we all took, to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

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Clarence Roller lives in Lima. His column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Lima News editorial board or AIM Media, owner of the newspaper.