Land transfers, May 19-25

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 19 through May 25. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Boroff, Brittany/Gipson, Santana Attorney-In-Fact to Schroeder, Kiara, 122 S. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $34,000

Boyles, David S/Boyles, Linda L to Connors, Cyrus, 701 Flanders Ave., Lima, $135,000

Brown, Stacy to McVicker, Jefferson, 515 S. Atlantic Ave., Lima, $20,000

C & C Property Management, LLC to Daniels, Jayvion Z, 1211 Latham Ave., Lima, $110,000

Clay, David/Clay, Robin to Baker, Geoffrey R/Zatsarna, Liudyla, 2013 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $130,000

Dietz, Melody S to BTL Investment Properties, LLC, 1046 Franklin St., Lima, $25,000

Greer, Ellen R to Rhinock, Jennifer J, 919 W. Elm St., Lima, $73,200

Harris, Pamela Trustee/22 Superior Ct Lima Trust to Paradigm Real Estate, LLC, 22 Superior Court, Lima, $2,500

Healey, Jermonte to Herbst, Zachary J, 330 Prospect Ave., Lima, $96,000

Jenner, Judith A/Willeke, Scott M Attorney In Fact to Gearing, Blaine, 1533 Latham Ave., Lima, $85,000

Klaus, Jason J to Sanders, Jackson M/Sanders, Emily C, 422 Cornell Drive, Lima, $158,000

Kolkovich, Stacey L to Sharrits, Ryan, 853 Brendonwood Drive, Lima, $70,000

Lawrence, Seyoum to Wyer, Chad Jeremy, 503 Orena Ave., Lima, $87,000

Massie, Paul to Ramirez, Blanca, 1203 E. High St., Lima, $10,500

McKissick, Jacob R/McKissick, Jessica to Crummel, Megan Marie, 2087 W. High St., Lima, $118,000

Pittman, Nicholas J/Pittman, Lynda M to T-K Sarno LLC, 533 S. Baxter St., Lima, $18,000

Pittman, Nicholas J/Pittman, Lynda M to Davidson, Gary, 333 Maple Lane, Lima, $3,000

Ricker, Carolyn Sue to Diglio, Crystal/Diglio, Joseph, 1120 N. Central Ave., Lima, $4,000

SJM Property Investments, LLC to Schroeder, Kiara, 770 Oak St., Lima, $9,000

Swanson, Russel/Swanson, Clarissa to RKF Property Group, LLC, 516 S. Nye St., Lima, $75,000

Tax Ease Funding 2016-1 Reo LLC/Cazenovia Creek Te Investment Management, LLC/Caz Creek Tax Lien Fund, LLC/Cazenovia Creek Investment Management, LLC/Tax Ease Funding 2016-1, LLC to Big Bay 6 LLC, 662 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $1,000

Toland, Dakota M to Schroeder, Lucas A, 713 Cornell Drive, Lima, $137,000

Welker, Kevin/Welker, Dawn to Walton, Clarinth L, 2407 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $180,000


Kill, Jamie W to Sidey, Corey R/Elgert, Stephanie G, 10670 Allentown Road, Spencerville, $145,500


Ara Holdings, LLC to Parker, Andrew/Parker, Chelsea, 415 Wildbrook Lane, Lima, $450,000

Francis, William T/Francis, Mary Louise to Store Master Funding XXVI, LLC, 3223 Elida Road, Lima, $2,603,800

Good, Richard M/Martin, David L Attorney In Fact/Good, Leona to Built Rite Builders, LLC, 5933 Timberstone Drive, Lima, $30,000

Good, Richard M/Martin, David L Attorney In Fact/Good, Leona to Built Rite Builders, LLC, 5941 Timberstone Drive, Lima, $30,000

Goyal, Vijay/Goyal, Nisha to Parker, Donald/Parker, Sharon, 3671 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $358,000

Meyer, Carol L/Meyer, David A to Albright, Todd A/Albright, Heather, 3883 Cherokee Drive, Lima, $265,000

Montgomery, Craig L/Montgomery, Carol A to Bubbey’S Bubbles, LLC, 629 Columbia Drive, Lima, $200,000

Mussa, Charles A/Mussa, Jeanette to Rockhold, Matthew E/Rockhold, Ashley J, 4800 Pheasant St., Lima, $305,000


Mason, Raymond C/Mason, Jean I to Mason, Randall L/Mason, Melissa K, Clum Road, Harrod, $80,000


Deem, Edgar H Administrator/Estate Of David John Ferenczi to Toland, Dakota/Schadewald, Cheyann, 206 Devonshire Drive, Lima, $193,500

Francisco, Hope J to Biggs, Rhen M/Biggs, Lauren E, 3263 Shiloh Drive, Lima, $222,000

Fyffe, Kylie/Rapp, Joseph to Lewis, Kylie Ann, 3425 Early Ave., Lima, $148,000

Strange, Jeffrey A/Strange, Mandy M to Groman, Andrew/Groman, Laura, 2644 Hadsell Road, Lima, $402,800

Watson, Lauren Elizabeth to Keith, Kolton M/Williams, Kaylee R, 3774 Mount Vernon Place 10-C, Lima, $114,000

Vieira, Michael A/Vieira, Lynne A to McNulty, James/McNulty, Karen, 2725 Reservoir Road, Lima, $590,033


Burkholder, Jared M/Burkholder, Erin R to Ulrey, Emily M, 363 S. Jackson St., Bluffton, $235,000


Shobe, Jill E to Shobe, Gavin Michael, 202 Maron Ave., Delphos, $127,000


Wright, Lamar to Kolkovich, Stacey, 118 Orhcard Drive, Elida, $191,800


Augsburger, Brad A/Augsburger, Wanda to Augsburger, Alysse M, 1500 N. Cool Road, Lima, $140,000

Keeler, Jennifer/Thayer, Adam/Thayer, Benjamin/Keeler, Matthew to Deal, Jason, Swaney Road, Harrod, $109,300

Rogers, Anthony/Rogers, Faith to Hunt, John P/Hunt, Lori L, 9410 Sandusky Road, Harrod, $215,000

Schantz, William R Trustee/Schantz, Noretta Trustee/William R Schantz Living Trust/Noretta Schantz Living Trust to Schantz, Roger L/Schantz, Kathleen S, Harding Highway, Harrod, $32,000

Sorenson, Gwynne E to Nowlan, Nicholas/Nowlan, Maria, 6191 Reservoir Road, Lima, $199,000


Brinkman, Joshua A/Brinkman, Carrie to Satterfield, Alexzander, 721 E. 5th St., Delphos, $102,500


Armstead, Shaun/Armstead, Ashley to Coleman, Chad Steven, 280 E. Breese Road, Lima, $185,000

Neal, Stephanie D to McCluer, Matthew D/McCluer, Amy M, 3470 Schooler Road, Lima, $190,000


Gesler, Jared to Gesler, Amanda K/Amstutz, Jessica, 11730 Phillips Road, Pandora, $159,000


Allen, Spencer to Vision 3 Investments, LLC, 2113 Bentz Ave., Lima, $125,000

Beery, Sarah M/Beery, Joshua E to Shrider, Michael J Jr, 1665 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $195,000

Estill, Janee L to Gaberdiel, Stanley D Jr., 887 Berryman Boulevard, Lima, $26,300

Hoops, Mark A Trustee/Mark A. Hoops Trust to Guagenti, Mark G, 5B Mews Road, Lima, $260,000

LBC Investments, LLC to Duff, Brian/Duff, Kenia, 3493 Camden Place, Lima, $282,900

McClellan, Heather to Watson, Lauren E/Nguyen, Kristy, 2015 Sandy Lane, Lima, $205,000

Platt, M Anne Trustee/Robert P Platt And M Anne Platt Living Trust to Armstead, Ashley/Armstead, Shaun, 2601 Elmview Drive, Lima, $222,000


Archer, Kersten F/Archer, James L to Brown, Patrick Allan, 307 E. Second St., Spencerville, $78,000

Lafferty, Joseph Lee/Lafferty, Tara Marie to Giller, Maxwell Warren/Giller, Katelyn Nicole, 308 and 312 W. 4th St., Spencerville, $415,000


Hicks, Kyle L/Hicks, Claire E to Taylor, Jody, 3573 W. Lincoln Highway, Lima, $190,500

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