Land transfers, May 5-11

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 5 through 11. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Barrett, Chester W/Barrett, Patricia/Barrett, Tony E/Barrett, Emily to Diller, Shirley A, 829 Brice Ave., Lima, $52,000

Bradley, Lisa Renee to Gulley, David D, 1133 N. Baxter St., Lima, $138,000

C & C Property Management, LLC to One Four Investments, LLC, 319 W. Market St., Lima, $350,000

C&C Property Management, LLC to CDC Real Estates Holdings, LLC, 129 S. Central Ave., Lima, $150,000

Croft, Joseph/Herr, Nicole to DNRC Properties, LLC, Leland Avenue, Lima, $1,200

Debrosse, Christopher A/Debrosse, Karen to Schuttler, LLC, 203 S. Jameson Ave, Lima, $25,000

Engberg, Karen S to Hall, Divante J, 25 Superior Court, Lima, $100

Jones, Harold E to Offer Express, Ltd, 172 S. Perry St., Lima, $50,000

JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association to Albeer Construction Inc, 515 W. McKibben St., Lima, $41,600

Lyle, Jeannie/Lyle, Theodore to Herr, Nicole/Croft, Joseph, Michael Ave., Lima, $1,000

Miron, William Co-Administrator/Miron, Maurice Co-Administrator/Estate Of Marcel Joseph Miron to Theokas, Laura M, 418 W. Vine St. and 819 S. Atlantic Ave., Lima, $81,600

Mortgage Banc Corp. to Wings Like Eagles Realestate LLC, 601 N. Jameson Ave., Lima, $69,900

Nowlan, Nicholas/Nowlan, Maria to Ritchie, Matthew, 2613 Debbie Drive, Lima, $158,000

Overholt, R Brian to Kinnaird, Mary L, 1251 Feeman Ave., Lima, $35,000

Pittman, Nicholas J/Pittman, Lynda M to Davidson, Gary, 978 W. Wayne St., Lima, $19,000

Ramey, Megan E to Piercefeld, Joel I/Whitaker, Reagan A, 1925 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $125,000

Ruble, Rose M/Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar to Federal National Mortgage Association/Fannie Mae, 640 S. Main St., Lima, $8,000

Vanvoorhis, Chad R/Vanvoorhis, Tia M to Williams, Ameeka, 35 Superior Court, Lima, $1,000

West, Sondra A/West, Edward to Packwood, Robert, 1601 E. Elm St. Lima, $108,300

Workman, Eric C/Workman, Melanie J to Brown, Jesse J, 814 Hope St., Lima, $20,000


Diaz, Norberto II/Diaz, Andrea M to Buchanan, William L/Buchanan, Jordyn E, 2527 Lowell Ave., Lima, $180,000

New Life Church International, Inc. to Little Red Wagon Farms, LLC, North Stevick Road (30.6 acres) and Copus Road (3.6 acres), Lima, $240,000

Perrine, Jon F Successor Trustee/Jean M Perrine Living Trust to Sherrick, Matthew D/Yarber, Barbara M, 2661 Beech Court, Lima, $258,000

Spencer, Donald G III to Miller, Alyssa, 801 Gloria Ave., Lima, $154,000

Stewart, Patrick J/Stewart, Lorna to Rigali, Katherine A/Guerrero, Nicholas, 1608 Northbrook Drive, Lima, $280,000

Sutherland, Darryl D/Sutherland, Melissa R to Patterson, Austin C, 2819 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $137,000

Team Ten Investments, Inc. to BSW, Inc., 1210 W. Robb Ave., 1208 W. Robb Av., 1214-1216 W. Robb Ave., Lima, $607,000

Westrick, Karen A to Yeager, Cheryl, 623 S. Copus Road, Lima, $111,000

Wiechart Investment Properties, LLC to Williams, Vickie S, 150 Paradise Place, Lima, $165,000


Rex, Jerry L to Shoffner, Daniel, 8668 Bellefontaine Road, Waynesfield, $150,000

Kirkendall, Randall L/Kirkendall, Deborah L to Buchanan, Skate Brandon, 3330 Carey St. Harrod, $45,000


Burton, Ronald T to White, Cody, 766 Fenway Drive, Lima, $200,000

Deem, Edgar H Administrator/Estate Of David John Ferenczi to Kuhn, Karen, 117 Winston Court, Lima, $240,000

Gilbert, Larry A Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Gilbert, Daniel L/Gilbert, Karen J/Gilbert, Sheila D to Anthony, Garry E, 1051 Lutz Road (0.1 acre), Lima, $46,000

Glover, Mezziah to Davisson, Casey J, 114 Kingsbury Court, Lima, $198,000

Hart, Jason/Green, Meranda to White, Jefferey/White, Susan, 872 Canyon Drive, Lima, $284,900

Stevenson, Sarah Alexandria Trustee/Sarah Alexandria Stevenson Living Trust to Burkholder, Troy, Cool Road (33.6 acres), Lima, $117,700


Da Silva, Jeferson Luis/Silva, Simone Aparecida Monforte to Fifer, Jason M/Fifer, Kristina L, 91 Richland Drive, Bluffton, $240,000

Sawmiller, Cheryle L to Bixel, Seth C/Bixel, Carol A, 194 E. Jefferson St., Bluffton, $75,000


Giller, Maxwell W/Giller, Katelyn to Stewart, Justin M, 1027 Carolyn Drive, Delphos, $172,500

Looser, Judith L Executor/Estate Of Louis H Fuerst to Mowery, Brittany R, 478 S. Main St., Delphos, $104,300

Martin, Kevin D/Martin, Kaitlin A to Martin, Susan M/Martin, Dale L, 1110 Marsh Ave., Delphos, $50,000


Augsburger, Mary Jane/Augsburger, David Louis/McClure, Tamara Sue Attorney In Fact to Morehart, Cris A/Morehart, Sabrina, 145 S. Oak St., Harrod, $19,900


Hawk, Kody R to Otero, David, 9053 Reservoir Road (1 acre), Harrod, $139,333


Beckmann, Robert I Trustee/Beckmann, Carla J Trustee/Robert I. Beckmann Loving Trust to Shaw, Jason S/Shaw, Amy J, 5145 Redd Road (1.3 acres), Delphos, $10,500

Renner, Matthew G Co-Trustee/Renner, Timothy N Co-Trustee/Renner, Gregory N Co-Trustee/Carl And Kathy Renner Irrevocable Trust to Bertling, James F Jr, 5020 Becker Road (0.9 acres), Delphos, $322,500

Troyer, Bruce E/Troyer, Cindy J to Buzard, Zavier/Sarka, Monica, 6850 N. Defiance Trail (3.5 acres), Delphos, $250,000


Freeman, Paul E Trustee/Freeman, Janet M Trustee/Paul E. Freeman And Janet M. Freeman Living Revocable Trust to Powell, Michael R/Powell, Beverly, 9080 N. Thayer Road (8.2 acres), Columbus Grove, $350,000


C. & G. Investment Properties, LLC to Catahoula Fd, LLC, St. Johns Road (16 acres) and Eastom Circle (11.4 acres), Lima, $203,500

Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Smith, Dollie E Et Al/Smith, Ernest Z to Village Capital & Investment, LLC, 2433 E. Breese Road, Lima, $80,100

Sneary, Ricky L to Eric Sneary Holdings LLC, 4375 Bellefontaine Road (1.1 acres), Lima, $105,000


Gearing, Blaine to Lause, Dylon A/Lause, Samantha L, 6007 E. State Road (1.4 acres), Lima, $247,000

Kohli, Myriam/Kohli, Maurice L to Peck, Joshua, 12020 N. Phillips Road (0.8 acres), Pandora, $275,000

Palte, Angela Successor Trustee/Donald J. Leiber Trust/Lola M. Leiber Trust to JBSN Real Estate, LLC, 10377 Hillville Road (79.2 acres), Bluffton, $915,000

Palte, Angela Successor Trustee/Lola M. Leiber Trust/Donald J. Leiber Trust to MWG Investments, LLC, 10250 Hillville Road (83.8 acres), Bluffton, $1,330,000


Brookman, Sarah M/Gouin, Alma J/Brookman, Kane to Sutherland, Melissa R/Sutherland, Darryl D, 1425 Trebor Drive, Lima, $182,000

Caprella, Michael J Executor/Hallard, Tamara L Estate to McGue, Kay E, 3082 Yoakam Road, Lima, $209,500

Fahlsing, Stacy L/Luthman, Rebecca J to Catahoula Fd, LLC, 3611 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $334,000

Ford, Herb/Ford, Melissa to Diaz, Norberto II/Diaz, Andrea M, 4941 Shoshone Trail, Lima, $357,000

Frasca, Richard A to Robenalt, Taylor, 1617 Pro Drive, Lima, $227,000

Huston-Kinworthy, Carlene S to Herald, Kimberly L/Herald, Gregory, 565 Wakashan Trail, Lima, $423,000

Meyer, Gary Sr/Meyer, Loria A to Smith, Andrea, 4011 Shawnee Road, Lima, $194,500

Sebenoler, Michael/Sebenoler, Melinda to Camper, Neil/Camper, Cheryl, 2170 W. Hume Road, Lima, $299,900

Wolfe, Linda C Estate/Partridge, Lisa Executrix to Deibel, Jason Richard, 3604 Miramonte Drive, Lima, $269,000

Zaha, Joshua/Zaha, Danielle to Hooper, Timothy J/Boyce, Margaret I, 2970 Inwood Drive, Lima, $250,000


Meadors, Cody to Soto, Miranda K/Soto, Alec A, 413 W. 4th St., Spencerville, $199,900

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB As Trustee/Quercus Mortgage Investment Trust/Carrington Mortgage Services LLC Attorney In Fact to Erikson, Jonathan J/Erikson, Caitlin R, 303 S. Main St., Spencerville, $66,000

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