Land transfers, March 24-30

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running March 17 through 23. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office. This week’s listings include items from last week that did not print due to space limitations.


Aminita Rentals Ltd. to Lima Ohio Investment Group LLC, 1010 Summit St., Lima, $56,000

Anderson, Karen E Executor/Estate Of Nancy E Willis to Wise, Kyle, 1721 Rice Ave., Lima, $125,000

B & D Investments Firm Trust to B & D Investments Firm Holding Trust, 510-512 W. Kibby St., Lima, $10

Braun, Lori A to Truex, Larry James II, 434 Prospect Ave., Lima, $50,000

Brinkman, Scott C/Brinkman, Michelle to Motter, Dana Gabriel/Motter, Stefanie Dawn, 1808 Ann Way, Lima, $85,000

CAJ Rentals Ltd. to Lima Ohio Investment Group LLC, 1126 E. Market St., 1134 W. Wayne St., 1209 Rice Ave., 220 N. Woodlawn Ave., 320 W. Kildare, 525 Hazel Ave., 527 Woodward Ave., 543 Haller St., 610 Linden St., 813 N Cole St., 946 N. West St., and 108 N. Woodlawn Ave., Lima, $336,000

Crites, Anthony M/Crites, Lesley E to Buckeye Housing LLC, 1919 Allentown Road, Lima, $75,000

EEJ Rentals Ltd. to Lima Ohio Investment Group LLC, 124 S. Woodlawn Ave. and 622 Brice Ave., Lima, $56,000

Howard, Wallace/Howard, Barbara J to Boroff, Cole, 1007 Franklin St., Lima, $5,500

James, Michelle T to James, Raymond E, East 17th Street, Lima, $2,500

Kirkman, Wilma D/Kirkman, Jeffery K to Knight, Willie, 233 W. Kibby St., Lima, $5,000

Lepiota Rentals Ltd. to Lima Ohio Investment Group LLC, 1015 N. Cole St., 1107 N. Boyer St., 1210 E. Market St., 319 S. Nye St., 503 N. Charles St., 555 Prospect Ave., 727 N. Baxter St., and 812 E. Vine St., Lima, $224,000

Lima Land Company Ltd. to Lima Ohio Investment Group LLC, 1001 N. Central Ave., 1026 N. Central Ave., 468 Haller St., 504 N. West St., 508 N. Collett St., 551 S. Scott St., 554 Haller St., 630 Ewing Ave., 703 N. Collett St., 841 N. Baxter St., 934 N. Metcalf St., 936 Leland Ave., 969 W. Richie Ave., 977 W. Wayne St., Lima, $392,000

Lima Properties Ltd. to Lima Ohio Investment Group LLC, 1000 Rice Ave., 1418 W. High St., 411 S. Collett St., 513 N. Charles St., 529 Hazel Ave., 615 N. Collett St., 922 N. Jefferson St., Lima, $196,000

M & M Rentals Ltd. to Lima Ohio Investment Group LLC, 1021 N. McDonel St., 327 Garfield Ave., 316 Ewing Ave., Lima, $84,000

Meyer, Brandon M/Meyer, Samantha J to Weber, Timothy, 1136 Northwold St., Lima, $130,000

Mod Rentals Ltd. to Lima Ohio Investment Group LLC, 122 N. Cole St., 149 W. Lane Ave., 406 Ewing Ave., 431 N. Metcalf St., 670 N. West St., 906 Daniels Ave., 924 W. Elm St., Lima, $196,000

Park, Nancy L/Park, Dennis to Schoolcraft Investments LLC, 972 W. North St., Lima, $30,000

Patrick, Thomas/Patrick, Tina to Point, Jeffrey Lynn/Point, Tammy Lea, 714 Woodward Ave., Lima, $49,900

Poe, Inga M to Otero, Kelly J/Johnson, Christopher R, 2560 Debbie Drive, Lima, $250,000

Ras Rentals Ltd to Kiss Rejuvenated Properties LLC, 326-328 N. Pierce St., Lima, $42,000

Ras Rentals Ltd. to Lima Ohio Investment Group LLC, 452 Haller St., 544 N. McDonel St., 731 N. Baxter St., 801 E. Vine St., 513 E. 4th St., Lima, $140,000

Schneider, Jeremy D/Schneider, Ashley/Schneider, Larry L to Roebuck, J Michael/Roebuck, Rita S, 206 Plaza Way, Lima, $4,500

Shutt-Steinke, Stephanie/Steinke, Joshua to Schiffler, Logan James, 1158 Richie Ave., Lima, $90,000

Stanfield, William to Bolden, Lavor, 532 Holmes Ave., Lima, $1,000

Swartz, Nathan B/Swartz, Mary Ann to Pitts, Brian J, 1237 Latham Ave., Lima, $100,000

Vision 3 Investments, LLC to Oliver, Pearl L/Collins, Imogene, 331 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $142,000

Wallace, Justus Mathew to Courtney, Heather Gail/Courtney, Austin Joseph, 412 W. McKibben St., Lima, $54,000

Ward, Barry Jr to Russell, Chyisha, 727 Holly St., Lima, $4,500

Ward, Barry Jr to Granger, Brittany Marie/Granger, Lexas, 1162 Hazel Ave., Lima, $100,000

Webb, Nancy Irene to Joseph, Atlanta J, 144 S. Collins Ave., Lima, $94,000


Ammon, Dylan J/Ammon, Samantha K to Dempsey, Bennie D, 505 W. Bluelick Road, Lima, $125,000

Lopez, Jose Angel to Gagnon, Cole, 1739 Homeward Ave., Lima, $135,000

Mathias, David J to Buckeye Housing LLC, 1400-04 Plainfield Drive, Lima, $187,500

Menard, Inc. to First National Bank Of Pandora, 2580 Eastown Road, Lima, $468,900

Miller, Virgil F/Birkemeier, Constance L to Pure Properties, LLC, 2148 Elida Road, Lima, $260,000

Moening, Diane/Stephan, Kathleen/Miller, Gena/Stephan, Douglas/Moening, Steven Craig/Miller, Don to Inskeep, Jarrod L/Inskeep, Shannon, 5126 Pheasant St., Lima, $240,000

Pugin, Carl/Pugin, Jennifer to Devier, Gary L/Devier, Judith C, 3730 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $389,000

Sergent, Dylan/Sergent, Kelsey to Knotts, Michael, 5338 River Trail St., Lima, $187,500


Maas, Benjamin D/Maas, Samantha to Klingler, Julie A, 1939 Stewart Road, Lima, $195,200

Tarleton, Martha L to Tremoulis, Edward L/Tremoulis, Debra S, 198 Carlos Lane, Lima, $221,000

Warren, Carol S/Warren, Joshua A Attorney In Fact to Casto, Norman A II, 4747 Reservoir Road, Lima, $112,000

Wheeler, Todd/Wheeler, Sheila to Thiessen, Brian/Thiessen, Jennifer C, 3260 Bonnieview Drive, Lima, $399,000


122 Associates, LLC/Chappell, L Terry Attorney In Fact/Chappell, Barbara to Harrison Cathman, LLC, 122 Thurman St., Bluffton, $215,000

Besecker, Randall L/Besecker, Linda M to Gilbert, George E/Gilbert, Kathy A, 467 Riverbend Drive, Bluffton, $494,000

Gerber, Ralph D/Gerber, Melba R to Ring, Ethan D, 155 Rainbow Drive, Bluffton, $184,900

Pritchett, Dylan M Co-Trustee/Pritchett, Tara M Co-Trustee/Pritchett Family Trust to Kill, Brianna/Kill, Andrew, 415 Ethan Circle, Bluffton, $359,900

Three S Development Group, LLC to Morman, Brian/Morman, Amanda, 314 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $69,900


Fischer, Matthew T/Fischer, Erin to Fischer Investment Properties I, LLC, 703 E. Jackson St., Delphos, $78,000

Wurst, Andrew J/Wurst, Shellie D to Wurst, Logan Andrew/Wurst, Michelle M, 1204 Ricker St., Delphos, $100,000


Homera, Tafadzwa J/Homera, Mariah L to Heiser, Noah L, 106 Johns Ave., Elida, $104,900

Lobach, Lora June to Sims, Demetrius, 106 E. Main St., Elida, $87,500

Reams, Mary June/Bullock, Judith A Attorney In Fact to Stewart, Patrick K/Stewart, Lorna, 4855 Amaryllis St., Elida, $221,000


Krouskop, Scott W to Rondot, Bonnie L/Spiers, Cynthia A, North Napoleon Road (3.5 acres), Lima, $42,000

Krouskop, Scott W to Rondot, Bonnie L, North Napoleon Road (3.1 acres), Lima, $33,500

Williams, Michelle Lea to Morris, Vanessa Jean/Hanf, Nicole Elizabeth/Shelly, Janel Christina, 330 N. Cool Road, Lima, $37,000


Miller, Donald A/Miller, Dorothy to Rode Properties, LLC, 14609 Landeck Road, Delphos, $140,000

Reynolds, Robert S/Rode, Carol M to Meyer, Hannah/Meyer, Gabriel, 10260 Elida Road (1.6 acres), Delphos, $148,000

Tippie, Lisa D to Noonan, Russell A, 6325 N. Defiance Trail, Delphos, $70,000


Davis, Robert Dixon/Davis, Gloria J to Beougher, Ronald R/Beougher, Erma E, 5500 St. Johns Road, Lima, $230,000

GEC Real Estate At Lima, LP/Guardian Healthcare Ome Propco 1% Holdco LLC to 804 South Mumaugh Road Propco LLC, 804 S. Mumaugh Road, Lima, $1,700,000

Storer, Jasmine N to Miller, Brandon, 2192 E. 4th St., Lima, $84,100


Pugsley, Matthew T/Pugsley, Randi L to Ford, Grant E/Ford, Ashley, 10852 N. Napoleon Road, Bluffton, $215,000

Snyder, Ronald K/Snyder, Carol L to Daws, Cassandra L/Strunk, Danny H Jr, 6111 E. State Road (1.3 acres), Lima, $332,500


Bodey, Douglas Bruce/Bodey, Vera Dene to Barfield, Christopher L/Barfield, Kira S, 1475 Riverview Drive, Lima, $205,000

Diepenbrock, Shelly Linn Successor Trustee/Elois Chambers Living Trust to Williams, Michael B, 4525 Fort Amanda Road, Lima, $142,000

Giesken, Michael J/Giesken, Alice J to Cain, Samantha M, 4725 Wenatchi Trail, Lima, $312,500

Glorioso, Sondra to Allen, Wendy, 2511 Glen Arbor Drive, Lima, $97,000

Kesner, David T/Kesner, Cynthia A to Harris, Chase J/Harris, Mara, 536 Tonkawa Trail, Lima, $449,000

Offenbaker, James C/Offenbaker, Cynthia K to Patton, David M/Patton, Catherine A, 120 Westfield Drive, Lima, $389,900

Thompson, Tina M/Dennis, Tina M Nka/Dennis, Brian to Scioto Properties Sp-16 LLC, 1218 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $269,000

Watson, Joseph D/Watson, Elizabeth M to Murphy, Patrick M/McClellan, Heather, 2289 June Drive, Lima, $293,000

Wellman Homes LLC to Jones, Carter/Irey, Katrina, 3436 Weldon Drive, Lima, $319,900


Davis, Shirley S/Hatfield, Meaghan/Morrisey, Sara Sheldon Attorney In Fact to Hatfield, Caleb B, 4435 Stem St., Lima, $120,000


Linn, Maurice L/Shaw, Faith to Adams, Zach Michael, 303 N. Pearl St., Spencerville, $119,900

Och, Bernard Thomas Jr/Och, Lori to Och, Emilee E/Dues, Benjamin S, 224 N. Main St., Spencerville, $47,400

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